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 Sky the Hedgefox's Profile

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Sky the Hedgefox

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PostSubject: Sky the Hedgefox's Profile   Sun May 14, 2017 12:48 pm

Name: Sky the Hedgefox
Age: 16
Personality: Happy but sarcastic at times
Likes: Videogames, friends, fighting and pizza
Dislikes: Her dark form, her parents and spies
Weapons/abilities: Dark form (only when angry) and beam sword
Weaknesses: Water and others with the same abilities

Backstory: Sky was born in the year 3000 and is the princess of the Lost Kingdom. She had a fight with a guard and lost control of her powers. Her parents thought she was evil and might destroy the kingdom, so they banished her to the past forever...

While in the past, she went insane and killed many innocent people. She stole rare items and got arrested. Her ex-boyfriend nearly shot her, but now she's more sane than before.
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Sky the Hedgefox's Profile
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